System of Virtual Meetings (SIVIS) is a tool that automates collaboration over text and multimedia documents in real time. The main purpose of the system is to organize virtual meetings of employees located in different places. In addition, the system can be used for collateral editing of complex documents during meetings and for rendering internal corporate seminars (webinars) involving employees from remote offices.

SIVIS essentially enhances the capabilities of common video-conferencing because it allows joint text/multimedia documents input and storage, interactive commenting, discussing and editing, sending instant messages and creating conference reports (minutes).

  • Storing documents of all employees in a single database;
  • Holding conferences: initiation, invitation of participants (with the use of e-mails), making records and comments;
  • Using virtual desktops for placing documents and making them available for common use of several employees simultaneously;
  • Creating and saving user comments to documents;
  • Editing documents by several users simultaneously;
  • Simultaneous display of documents being discussed over video channel for all participants;
  • Using chat for discussing issues;
  • Parametric and full-text search in documents database, displaying document pages with the sought-for context;
  • Holding webinars and videoconferences.


SIVIS is designed to enhance efficiency of employees of commercial companies and governmental organizations, educational institutions who by nature of their work are forced to hold working meetings with other geographically-distributed employees and students.

SIVIS is necessary for:
  • Sales departments,
  • Marketing services,
  • Analytical departments,
  • Project teams,
  • Distance education, etc.

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