Marketing and sales

The main aim of the Marketing †department is to develop recommendations on organization and implementation of company's production and sales policy and coordination of other departments' activities in this sphere.

Marketing managers develop recommendations as a result of information analysis. The Semantic Archive system is able to collect, accumulate and analyze information by continuously monitoring the market sector including news and competitors' activities.

Basic features of monitoring:

  • Daily gathering of information on the Internet by the use of internet-robots (from internet media, companies' news lines, message boards);
  • Subscription to e-mails with articles from paid media archives (these articles are filtered according to the keywords list);
  • Monitoring industry-specific websites (getting information on the rates of exchange, stock indices, companies' stock value, prices of products and services);
  • Extraction of articles' properties (source of information, author(s), title, etc);
  • Gathering and processing marketing reports on different market sectors.

System features necessary for a marketing expert's job:

  • Flexible interface, easy task settings, handy navigation, launching several tasks at a time;
  • Creating automatically launched tasks;
  • Saving monitoring results to the Semantic Archive database;
  • Creating tasks of news monitoring by requests to search engines (Yandex, Google, Rambler, etc);
  • Regular report generation (business graphs, tables, digests).

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