Situational centers

The Semantic Archive system is installed in the Saint Petersburg Situation Centre, which integrates city's information resources. This centre was created in 2006 as part of the Federal Target Program: Electronic Russia. Routinely it provides the Governor and the Government of Saint Petersburg with analytical information, and in emergency situations it produces information for instant decision-making. With the help of the Semantic Archive system the Centre gathers, accumulates and processes textual information on different aspects of the city's life.

A situational centre is a complex system of objects, program and technical tools and scientific methods aimed individual and collective work (situation analysis, developing and implementing managerial decisions) intended to achieve the following goals:

  • Tracking a sector's (region's, organization's) state and efficient analysis of the situation around it;
  • Detection, identification and evaluation of negative changes in a sector (region, organization) and/or the environment it is functioning in (potential threats to economic and other interests);
  • Support of efficient and strategic decision-making on sector (region, organization) management considering variable conditions and factors of a sector's (region's, organization's) state and its environment.
The Semantic Archive system can be used as an independent software tool or as part of strategic situational centre systems.†


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