Public relations

The Semantic Archive system efficiently helps to solve tasks related to PR services of different companies: creating a favorable external information environment for developing business activities, †overall coordination, product PR and copywriting.

There are several features of the system which are essential for a PR specialist's job:

  • Operation of the system in a closed loop, so that accumulated information is available only for its users;
  • Ability to use an expandable list of media sources;
  • Monitoring a specified list of objects, prompt detection of negative information;
  • A flexible system of setting evaluation parameters;
  • Comprehensible management of monitored objects list (companies, persons, notions);
  • Systems' database is a unified depository of articles and objects of monitoring with an opportunity to use multiple-factor requests;
  • Regular report generation (business graphs, tables, digests).

Besides evaluating references to a company in news items, you can also evaluate persons (executives and managers) by the tone of the reference: positive, negative or neutral. Search and evaluation of these articles (persons, companies and other objects) can be carried out in real time or retrospectively.

Moreover, the system can monitor topics, evaluating the tone of the references to some event. Frequently used requests can be saved as patterns for further use by changing parameters.†

The system automatically generates digests with the evaluation of articles' trend (positive, negative, neutral).†

Analytical Business Solutions has a history of successful installation of the Semantic Archive system to PR services of major corporations.†


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