Human resources

The duties of HR departments are similar to those of personnel departments, but are somewhat wider. The main goals of an HR service are managing data flow and carrying out basic procedures.

Besides the basic procedures most HR departments maintain the staffing level by executing such functions as: staffing, personnel training, compensations and benefits provision, personnel relations management.

One of the main goals of any company is to increase productivity, that is why efforts of all departments are to be coordinated. The Semantic Archive system helps to coordinate and automate routine HR processes and lets an HR manager first of all interact with humans.

Analytical Business Solutions has a history of successfully implemented projects for HR departments.

In 2007 our company developed the Mini CV converter software for a major HR organization. This system analyzes incoming files and determines their relation to CVs. During processing the documents are sorted according to their features: CV in Russian, CV in English. All primary attributes (name, sex, phone numbers, e-mail, date of the documents, date of input) are extracted. All data are stored in a specific database.

The system provides automated and manual processing.†

In automatic mode all documents are processed without any user action. The system grabs data from a specified path and carries out processing. At that time it also displays numerical data, so that the user can instantly track the number of processed documents. The most important thing is the graphical display of documents belonging to a certain class (quantity of CVs, non-CVs, erroneous documents).†

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