Borrowers checking

Software solution for making lending decisions (loans to natural persons and legal entities)

The Borrowers check-up system is a software solution installed in the local network of an organization. It allows creating and keeping a unified database on persons and organizations having applied for a loan.

The goals of the Borrowers check-up system are:
  • Checking credibility of data provided by the customer while applying for a loan and detecting what prevents a bank from contracting with a client;
  • Automated search through external sources for official applications and accompanying documents, information from databases, credit history bureau records, state offices websites (Federal migration service, Federal tax service) and Internet, helping to compare and analyze the whole bunch of data and prepare the final conclusion;
  • Integration with the Automated banking system and other necessary software for efficient data exchange;
  • Creation of a Unified database for centralized processing of applications entering the Head office as well as its regional divisions;
  • Creating a Single archive of applications and inspection results for using this data while checking the recently coming applications (to reveal fraud);
  • Using web-technologies for optimizing the check-up and decision-making;
  • Automation of basic processes of employees handling the incoming requests;
  • Control of inspection results by supervisor and security services.

This complex solution provides keeping personal records on borrowers and warrantors, if necessary - on relatives, executives and partners as well. Relations and events have links to text data where detailed description is available.†

Such approach helps experts to make lending decisions and those related to the process to solve the following tasks:

  • Automation of the whole technical procedure of processing different loan applications from natural persons and legal entities;
  • Providing bank employees with software tools for automated search of publicly available information on persons and organizations on the Internet (this info can be directly or indirectly related to checking borrowers or to the bank's sphere of interests in whole);
  • Providing employees with software tools for internal database search ("black lists", client database, reference databases) of personal and corporate information (this info can be directly or indirectly related to checking borrowers or to the bank's sphere of interests in whole);
  • Automated generation of semantic schemes showing relations between an organization having filed a loan application and persons and organizations included in the sphere of its interests (executives, contractors, key customers, etc);
  • Providing unified control of the risk analysis department by bank's security service while analyzing borrowers' application forms.
  • Indexing textual and factual information stored in the system (in order to provide fast search through text data, monitored objects, relations and events);
  • Full-text and parametric search;
  • Visualization of stored data in the form of tables, maps and schemes.

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