Webinars and lectures

SIVIS helps teams of one project, colleagues and partners - everybody who has to discuss business issues - to conduct meetings and conferences with any number of participants. Workshops, reports and presentations can be held online and interactively. Listeners won't be just passive participants - the roles of "listeners" and "speakers" can be switched at the wish of participants.

Each participant can use the "invite a friend" feature to send an invitation to join the meeting in SIVIS to an Outlook contact or by e-mail.

The program complex provides an opportunity to work with the database to facilitate the process of meetings preparation.

During the meetings the following features are available:
  • Voice communication between the participants;
  • Graphic board (participants can draw on a virtual board and save the results as a document);
  • Text board (participants type text in a wordpad and save it as document);
  • Discussion in a text chat (public or private);
  • Documents, files and links exchange between participants.

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