Instant messaging

System of Virtual Meetings (SIVIS) provides an opportunity to exchange instant messages between its users. Such messages can contain text, links to documents and websites.

System user can authorize a colleague or a friend and send him text messages or exchange files which are saved into an internal database during transfer. All users can manage communication through a built-in mechanism for user authorization.

SIVIS is aimed at group work. Messaging can be done collectively during a meeting or privately. A database which comes together with the software can be filled with documents from any application through clipboard - individually or in bulk. You can also import external databases.

The rights of access to documents for individual and collective work are limited. Each user has access only to public and his private folders.

All documents are stored in an MS SQL 2008 database. Full-text search with highlighted search results is supported. The system takes into account slow connection of remote users - it performs background caching of documents to their local machines. Specific operations with document content are also supported.

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