Video wall

Semantic achieve can be redefined for a launch on multi-screened video wall of any size.

Main purpose of the wall is a large-scaled displaying of information for collective view in situation centers, different automatic management systems. Video walls are widely used in such spheres, where incoming information should be controlled and were responsibility for the management decisions is very high: in energy industry, telecommunications, manufacturing, security systems, finance operation, etc.


Video wall is a single information field, comprising of a number of modules- screens of the same scale. Each module is a self-sufficient and separately working video gadget. User can transmit to the video wall any number of rectangular blocks and obtain information from several sources simultaneously or operate a few modules of semantic Archive at the same time.

Blocks-screens do not have to coincide with the separate screens of the wall. Each block depicts separate “projection” of analyzed data in the form of schemes or reports- connections of a person, events sequence, map of facts, etc.

Video wall will also help to launch external application or software: browsers, video, audio, Word, etc.


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