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14.11.2014 10:06 | Our blog

Police in California and Texas Test Networked Guns

Source: technologyreview.com
Tags future

06.11.2014 02:26 | Our blog

Australian and British police to share their DNA databases

Source: theguardian.com
Tags security, future

24.08.2014 19:53 | Our blog

Google's fact-checking bots build vast knowledge bank

Source: newscientist.com
Tags knowledge base, future

16.05.2013 22:21 | Our blog

World's largest events database could predict conflict

Source: www.newscientist.com
Tags future, unstructured data

22.12.2012 20:16 | Our blog

Scientists construct first map of how the brain organizes everything we see

Source: http://newscenter.berkeley.edu
Tags future

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