We provide complex personnel training as part of the contract. Company's consultants carry out training using examples from customer's field of operation. The period of training is determined by the customer. Consultations are provided during the whole term of the contract.

There is an extensive documentation provided with the system. Besides standard user manual, it is supplied with demos for different analytical departments: strategic marketing, PR, Economic security.

At the request of the customer our specialists conduct a special course called "The basics of data gathering and analysis". It includes the following parts:

1. Data search

Overview of domestic and foreign search engines, blogs, social networks; content providers: Integrum, Public, Factiva, LexisNexis; databases on the Internet, etc.

2. Methods of textual information analysis.

3. Preparing analytical references and reports, generating dossiers. Keeping your own database.

4. Preparing graphic reports. Ways of presenting textual information via schemes.

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